Let’s Eat, Drink, and Dish!

How many times have you tasted something that reminded you of a time, a place, a trip, a movie, a game, a night, a person? Or what about those foods that you seem to intensely crave no matter what time of day? And then there are moments when you’ve eaten something so exotic you thought you were going to be sick, but the experience was so memorable it made you happy you did it?

All of these moments and whatever else about food you love is why EAT DRINK DISH is here!

EAT DRINK DISH is a place where food and life go hand-in-hand, or rather, hand-to-mouth, because food taps into something within all of us. It begins life with us. It grows old with us. It travels the world with us. It gives us comfort. It helps our hangovers. It provides excellent nosh for those movie and game nights.

And of course, it brings us together.

So enjoy and share at EAT DRINK DISH just like you scarf down, slurp up, swirl around, and smell the world of food around you!

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02 2010

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