EDD is back! New series: Strange Things I Ate As a Kid…and Still Love

Rune is now 14 months old and thriving (knock on wood). Since he’s been able to eat solids, I’ve been trying my best to prepare nutritious homemade food for him from a diverse range of cultures: Korean, Mediterranean, Italian, Vietnamese, American, etc., in order to, expose him to a rich variety of flavors.

Food allergies we’ve discovered along the way (which seem to be on the rise around the nation) have also surfaced, making developing my own recipes for gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, and nut/legume-free recipes a challenge, but also an inspiration that gets me cooking all the time. This will be the topic of another series once I’ve nailed down the recipes. But Rune has inspired me in a different way for this series.

Having a child will definitely get you thinking about all the things YOU ate as a kid.

And when I think back on my childhood, I ate some pretty strange things. Growing up in a Korean-American household in a small town in Pennsylvania can give rise to some odd but wonderful combinations, and memories. I want to explore and revisit all of those strange foods, but also try to reinvent them in some way.

I also want to hear about all the weird things you ate as a kid too! Did you like peanut butter on your hot dog? Or how about ketchup on rice? What’s was the guilty pleasure you ate as a kid that made your little sister grimace in disgust?

To quote Andrew Zimmern: “Eat gross stuff because it will make you a better person.” OK, I just made that up. But you get the idea.

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