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Like Pumpkin or Pistachio? Try Labriola’s gelato!

2 words: Labriola Bakery. It’s out in the western suburbs of Chicago in Oak Brook.

Not only does this bakery and cafe bake their own ridiculously good breads (ciabatta, pretzel rolls, baguettes, oh my!), and offer excellent brick oven pizzas and burgers, they also have authentic gelato.

Feast your eyes on their seasonal flavor: pumpkin!

Unlike other places that offer a pumpkin-flavored creamy frozen dessert that’s bright orange and pretty much tastes like vanilla, Labriola’s pumpkin gelato tastes like cinnamon-spiked pumpkin pie mousse. The luscious pumpkin flavor lingers on your tongue while the strong cinnamon effervescences up the back of your throat!

They’ve got a modest but good flavor selection including Hazelnut, Belgium Sugar Cookie, Chocolate, Stracciatella, Tiramisa, Tartufo (with rum), and Pistachio (of which I picked up a heavy pint).

Yum. 🙂