An EDD-ter’s Tour of Italy – Cinque Terre and the fruits of the sea

A word of caution to those “adventurous” travelers.

Don’t drive up to Monterosso in the dark while it’s raining! I don’t care how much you like to travel on the edge! At the very least, you’ll be able to take lots more pictures on the way up when it’s light out since you won’t be clinging to your seat like your life depended on it.

Thank ye gods that after what seemed like endless hours of twisting and turning – sheer cliff on one side, rocky mountain wall on the other – my heroic hubby and his impressive driving skills got us to the charming fishing village we’d be calling home for the next few days.

Even in the dark, this place was incredibly beautiful. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning when we’d start our hike to the other 4 villages that make up this incredibly scenic part of Italy!

After checking in at Hotel Pasquale – our charming B&B right off the beach – we took huge gulps of sweet briny air as we trotted down to Ristorante Belvedere. We were here for one thing. The famous Amphora Belvedere. This dish roasts lobster, mussels, clams, octopus, and sward fish flavored with spices, herbs and tomato, in an Etruscan-style earthenware pot (amphora). The entire pot is brought to the table and its contents poured in a huge sharing bowl.

Yes, it was really really good. And yes, everyone else sitting around us were really really jealous.

We devoured every juicy morsel and even had room for a light panna cotta with burnt caramel sauce.

This made the harrowing drive up here so worth it. No question.

Next up: Hiking Cinque Terre and finding the perfect seafood risotto!

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