An EDD-ter’s Tour of Italy – Bologna

Historically a hotbed for free thinking and modern intellectual ideals, Bologna hasn’t changed much in many ways. Its young energetic inhabitants continuously pump a frenetic energy through this dynamic city, and its unique orange brick and terracotta architecture provide a kind of parchment upon which a living history is written day to day.

We spent the morning walking around the neighborhoods surrounding the Piazza Maggiore, but as we only had time for a quick stop before having to head out to Venice, we set our sights on finding a great place for a bowl of spaghetti bolognese.

Trattoria di Pietro is a small unassuming restaurant that feels comfortingly claustrophobic like your grandma’s house while at the same time, macho and masculine like an old school mafioso hangout. Was it the stuffed wild boar at the front of the restaurant or the table of four well dressed gentleman sharing a huge platter of grilled meats? Shrug. Either way, we knew were in for a no-nonsense rustic hearty meal.

Spaghetti bolognese
This dish deserves the fame it’s garnered across the world. Simple, rustic, hearty, bursting with flavor, and perfectly executed.

Stinco di maiale alla Pietro
As if the pasta wasn’t filling enough, I could not resist the roasted pork hocks and potatoes. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the pig and these wise guys were well seasoned, roasted with juniper, and as tender as just-baked cake.

The only problem was trying to finish everything on my plate and convince my waistband it could stretch a bit farther; and not fall asleep on the drive to Venice.

Although, either way, it would be a beautiful death.

Next up: On the Venice-front

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